Your Ideal Running Stride

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 4.00.25 PMHere are some guidelines to make running feel easier and help you run smoothly: one fluid motion, maintaining an optimal running posture.


  • upright. Not looking at the sky. Pretend you are up on stage when you run…. like you’re an actor holding your head up for all to see; upright head ensures that air has a clear passage in and out of your lungs


  • relaxed, with your jaw dropped and your cheeks flapping.
  • envision your eyelids bouncing when your run.


  • hang them loose and low, not hunched up around your ears.
  • to ensure your shoulders are loose before you run, do 20 windmills with each arm. Then stretch your neck by dropping your head to the front, back and sides. Try to touch your ears to your shoulders.


  • keep them close to your body so your hands and forearms almost clip the top of your shorts as they swing. Pump them from front to back, with your hands coming up only slightly.


  • rest your thumbs lightly on your index fingers with your palms facing each other. Feel like you’re letting handfuls of sand run through your fingers.
  • pretend you’re holding a potato chip in each hand without breaking it.


  • tuck them directly under your torso. When your back is upright and running ‘tall’, your hips will follow.


  • run ‘tall’. Don’t lean too far forward. Being hunched over puts undue pressure on your lungs and diaphragm – which restricts your breathing.
  • leaning too far back restricts forward momentum.


  • land lightly on your heel or midfoot- roll forward onto the ball of of your foot, then push off with your toes to propel you forward.


  • short and light, like you’re running over a field of eggs. Each foot to land directly under the centre of your body weight, not out in front of you.
  • planting your feet too far in front of you is a mistake – usually at the end of a race when one is tired.

Put these all together and you should have a more efficient, relaxed run.

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