#12 – Breakfast of a ultramarathoner

What ‘The Trail Guy’ has for breakfast every morning……….quote of the session……..trail running tips


#1  ‘ the quality of your life and running comes down to the RICHNESS of your thoughts’

#2 ‘Advice from a Tree :

1. Stand tall and proud

2. Go out on a limb

3. Remember your roots

4. Drink plenty of WATER

5. Be content with your natural beauty

6. Enjoy the view


Breakfast :  Start your day with Hot WATER and LEMON-(we become very acidic overnight)  Our bodies are Alkaline by design but acidic by function. Acid is corrosive and causes inflammation. Return to your natural environment of Alkalining. Eliminate acidic waste through exercise, exhalation and water exertion…….maintain a maximum  ALKALINE DIET so as not to contribute more acid to your body and overload the system.

Thing to Do:   limit the amount of animal protein – dairy, fat, processed foods and medication….acidic by nature

Eat Raisins – most alkalizing fruit

Eat Spinach – most alkalizing vegetable

Eat millet or quinoa – most alkalizing grains

Do deep breathing exercises – natural way to eliminate carbon dioxide and helps lower stress

After the Hot water and Lemon…….eat a bowl of Kamut Flakes with chia seeds, Hemp hearts and warm Almond milk………every morning!

Running formula from the book ‘Born to Run’………..start your run easy, light, smooth and then you become fast


Working out 7 days a week?………..no, no, no!!…..rest at least one day a week, no workout whatsoever……make rest a necessity, not an objective ; only rest long enough to gain strength for the next run (workout)


Trail Running Tips :

1. Don’t care whether you’re running 8 minute or 12 minute miles, or even walking on trails. Just put one foot in front of the other and cover the distance planned

2. Never aim for the end of the trail. Think and image only of a PERFECT RUNNING FORM and BREATHING- perfect CALM

3. The more you run on trails, the stronger your feet and ankles will become and the faster you can hone your skills ….PRESS ON !!

4. You gain muscular strength in muddy conditions

5. If you think of  a ultra-marathon as scary – break it into pieces and STAY IN THE MOMENT – it’s entirely DOEABLE – push ‘inward’!!

6. Having a bad patch during your run?…slow up on the pace. Adjust your stride and focus on breathing and ARM SWING – don’t push yourself

7.  Do HILLS. It builds strength. It is leg strength that will keep you going for a long time

8. Adjust for changing conditions and mishaps you can’t control – modify your run to suit the specific situation


Recommended reading from the trail guy’s library of classics :  ‘ Way of the THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR’  – a book that changes lives by Dan Millman




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