mike2Hear Mike – a man who never stops believing that with proper direction, guidance and training one can achieve anything they deserve in life.

He has a dynamic and fun personality. For over 33 years he has not only studied the science of success and happiness, he’s mastered bottom-line RESULTS for his clients in their personal, professional and running lives.

With a low self-esteem up to the age of 30 and not recognizing his true potential Mike decided, “I’ve had it!! I don’t want to live like this anymore!! enough is enough, I’ve been on my knees for the last time!!”

He used determination, persistence and belief in his ability to go beyond being a construction worker to unleash a course of amazing achievement in careers as a travel agent (7 years), a real estate salesperson (14 years), a top producing salesperson in the athletic footwear industry ( 18 years and counting – in the top 5% of the most productive sales people in the industry).

On a personal level, he’s an accomplished marathoner and ultra marathoner (37 marathons and 20 ultra marathons including two -Leadville 100 trail races – at the age of 50 and 55). Mike has invested over 33 years of his time putting his life together. He didn’t pull this out of the Internet!! His messages he shares inspires his audiences.

Mike will share the best part of his ‘Light-bulb’ moments, that realization that he wanted to become a travel agent, a real estate salesman and a retail salesman in the athletic footwear industry. Mike utilizes his own background, experiences and time-honoured methods that provide the individual with the set skills to harness their own unique power to be happier, stronger and more effective professionally and personally.

Caleb Pike 2015 - MikeMike will share his experiences, lessons learned and stories in a fun, exciting and passionate way. He is a major contributor to an athletic footwear business tripling their business within 3 years of his employment. Do you want to know how he helped them do that? Mike has been in over 10,000 closing situations in the last 35 years. He sold 200 pairs of New Balance shoes in a 6 week span. Do you want to know how he did that?

Mike will take you through step-by-step his story on how he became the top 5% of salespeople in the athletic specialty running industry. He will share with you what he is doing. He focuses on RESULTS and gets people’s pain, concerns, unmeet needs and frustrations satisfied.

PROMISE : You can be,do and have anything you want if you position yourself to be GREAT

IMPORTANT : Mike focuses his content on the needs of his audience

Mike has a message that makes a difference because it did for them. He delivers a highly relevant message in such a funny, straightforward and comfortable manner that people have fun and learn what they need to do to become more effective and confident in their work and personal lives.


Speaking Topics include :

1. Success and Happiness in the 21st Century
2. Goal Setting formula
3. Dealing with fear and rejection
4. speeding through stress
5.building self-esteem
6. building rapport and relationships
7. Food for the Mind
8. ‘ How I Did It and You Can Too ‘
9. ‘ Here’s too feeling good all the time!! ‘
10.’ Increasing your customer service power to new levels of Excellence’
11. Master Time Management with 2 Easy steps
12. ‘Thrive not just Survive’
13. _____-of-mind ….want peace?

Need your people to become more energetic and enthusiastic?
Need your people be happier, more productive and efficient?
Need your people to feel more worthy?

Do you want your life to count for something? If so, you should listen to Mike. He has the right to speak to you. He is not some superstar who has got it all together. He came from not feeling good inside his own skin.

You too can attain a life of health, peace and passion – a feeling of ALIVENESS!!

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