#28 – Schmoozing like a Champion with the Trail Guy

12 Steps to Schmoozing

1. Show interest in everyone you meet ; treat others like you’ve know them all your life ; be interesting by being interested in others

2. be natural and spontaneous

3. be charming and delightful

4. talk about personal, light subjects with others

5. be helpful and enthusiastic

6. share useful information with others

7. never complain, contempt or criticize

8. stay far away from milicious  gossip ; don’t burn any bridges

9. encourage, support, praise and inspire others

10.  keep saying ‘Hello’ and exchanging pleasantries with others

11. be sincere and SMILE at all times

12. be a good listener ; you have two ears and one mouth, use them proportionately!!


Quote :     depressed?…..living in the past

anxiety?…..living in the future

PEACE?….. living the the present

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