#9 – Key Words and their Meanings

What’s the secret sauce in trail running?………….the right mind-set……if you don’t have it, it doesn’t matter what tools, knowledge or physical training you have.

Your most valuable commodity?…..ENERGY !!

Thing to Do  :   train your mind to choose what you think

Your mind is like a garden…..do you want to plant weeds or flowers in your mind?

Below are key words and their meanings…..ones’ that will energize you!!

Fact :   speaking positive words WILL make you mentally and physically strong…..negative words will make you weak

1.  ) – is this convex or concave?……..answer: depends how YOU look at it…….how do YOU look at your life and running?….positive or negative?

2.  Fear-producing or negative words :   1.  Failure, mistake, error……look at these 3 words as ‘LEARNING EXPERIENCES’

2. Problem or struggle……look at these 2 words as a ‘challenge’, ‘opportunity to grow’ or a ‘teacher’

3.  change = improve…….change is energizing……Katherine Hepburn was asked, ‘what is your philosophy of life?’……she answered, ” I’m like an oak tree, always growing, improving ”

4. ‘will’ = choice

5. Free-will(choice)…..YOU have the ‘free-will’ to do,be, have anything you want…..you have the ‘free-will’ to improve when YOU want to improve….Ali quote, ‘“The ‘will’ must be stronger than the ‘skill”  

6.  Instinct = what appears best(for you)……follow your ‘instincts’, follow your heart

7. Feeling = want

8. 5 P’s –  Passionate, Patience & Persistence Produces Progress …..’If you fall down 10 times, stand up 11 times!!!’

9. 6 P’s – Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance

10. FOCUS –  Follow One Course Until Successful

11. POWER – Prepare Overcome Win Every Round – power = organized EFFORT or ability to ACT

12. winning = doing your best ; loser = not doing your best

13. TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More

14. Practice, Drill & Rehearse (training)  =  GREATNESS (Frank Sinatra rehearsed the song, ‘I Did It My Way’, 500 times before his first performance in Las Vegas)

15. Real Champion = when one is doing their best at all times

16. Excellent – Better……….’strive for excellence’……defined as ‘wanting to do better’

17. Belief – “whether you think you can or you can’t…..either way you are right” – Henry Ford

18. Self-confidence = 1. being honest and straight-forward about your abilities and capabilities 2. recall and TRUST your training

19. LUCKY =  Skill + Patience + Persistence

20. Guts = handling pain

21. Worry – a misuse of your imagination ; negative goal setting ; thinking of what you don’t want to happen

22.  The word ‘Depression’ – 2 step cure for it….. take the ‘De’ out and the ‘i’ out of the word depression…..what two words do you get?

23.  courage = taking ACTION despite feeling fear

24. Knowing – direct experience ; Believing – faith

25. Disease  =  un/ easy –  the immune system is made to heal itself. Disease can not live in a body that is in a healthy emotional state – EASE,CALM, PEACE-OF-MIND

26. LAUGHTER  =  medicine

27.  Addiction = no longer in control ; PASSION = a burning desire, enjoyment

28. 90/10 Principle –  10% of running is made up of what happens to you ; 90% of running is decided how you RESPOND(positive) or react(negative)

29. Staying Young  =  1. lots of rest 2. good thoughts 3. exercise (Sophie Loren)   Lily Tomlin quote : “Exercise is for people who can’t handle drugs or alcohol”

30.  Be You (tiful) – beautiful




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