#5 – Affirmations

Training Program for your mind. Why? to develop a powerful, positive mind-set.  Using the awesome tool called ‘affirmations'( exercise for the mind). How to do ‘affirmations’. 7 things to remember when using ‘affirmations’


How to do affirmations :  1. have the 3 P’s in place at all times –  1. it must be personal, ‘ I like myself ‘ 2. it must be positive, ‘ I feel strong ‘ 3. It must be present, ‘ I am feeling calm and relaxed in all situations ‘

2. place your affirmations on 3″X 5″ index cards


7 Things To Remember When Using Affirmations

1. the power of ‘I AM’…..it’s a ‘state of mind’

2.affirmations = telling the truth in advance

3. use exciting language. High quality words

4. choose affirmations that feel totally right for you

5. do your affirmations when you mind is most receptive and relaxed – before you go to bed at night, first waking hour of the day….your alpha level, and use your shower for your affirmations; speak them aloud with FEELING. The water coming down makes you very receptive. It opens your mind. It literally burns the words into your subconscious mind

6. 21 Days it becomes a habit – do your affirmations everyday!…..awesome results!. Then affirmations literally become part of you. The process will take time. You need to develop by practice, drill and rehearse

7. Say you’re affirmations with a lot of FEELING, aloud!!


Look at this :

You body is very suggestible. When you say the affirmations, you’ll get a behavourial response, in your run, a boost

‘ whatever you allow to enter your mind will always bear fruits ‘

Final Thought :   back your affirmations with ACTION (like Muhammad Ali did) otherwise it’s a joke!! (Ali ‘walked his talk’)

Most famous affirmation :  from Muhammad Ali ; ” I AM THE GREATEST!!”


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