Session #34 – Running Form For Hills with the Trail Guy

Benefits of Hill Training ; 1. greatly strengthens lower leg muscles and quadriceps 2. develops good rhythm that will pull you through periods of tiredness 3. good hard workout with relatively little pounding.

1. Erect Posture

– keep your chest out and up ; don’t lean either forward or backward as you ascend or decline ; you’ll get the greatest push from each step when your head, chest, hips and feet are perpendicular to an imaginary horizontal

2. Running Uphill

–  maintain the successful rhythm you have established on the flat

– maintain the SAME EFFORT LEVEL – SAME BREATHING (if you keep up the same pace on the hills as on the flats, you’ll wear out!!)

– shorten your stride and let yourself slow down gradually as you ascend ; conserve energy for the rest of the hills

–  pick up the rhythm slightly as you near the top. A slight increase in arm rhythm (swing) helps you do this

3.Running Downhill

– let gravity do the work. Increased rhythm too will pull you downhill with little energy required ; increase stride length slightly. Too long a stride can pound your knees unmercifully ; lean slightly forward ; relax and enjoy the ride !!



Quote : ‘ begin at the beginning, and go on until you come to the end….then stop!!! ‘

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