#2 – Injury-Free running

If you continue take unnecessary risks on the trails, you will run out of luck at some point. Use good common sense.

Facts : nearly all aches and pains can be prevented. Most injuries are avoidable because trail runners bring them on themselves.

Most trail runners experience pain much more slowly over a period of time by overusing and abusing their bodies.

Bottom-line?  YOU control your own destiny

Subtle signs of injury:

1. Grumpiness – doing too much too soon, waking up cranky, chronically impatient with others. Solution? Take a few days off. Your body is saying “I need a break”

2. The Sniffles – are you having colds and flu more often than usual? Are you having trouble falling asleep or aren’t sleeping soundly? Are you getting out of breath easily? Are you having more aches and pains than normal?……it’s OVERTRAINING!!

Having pain?

1.  if the pain persists for more than 6 minutes after you begin your run, STOP!

2. if the pain forces you to alter your running gait, STOP!

3. if the pain is there for less than 25 minutes after a run, take the next day off

4. if the pain persists for more than 25 minutes after the run, take the next 3 days off

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