#19 – 30 Best Pieces of Advice for Trail Running – Part 1

1. Push yourself ‘inward’. Turn off your mind for long periods of time. It’s a meditation and medication being in nature
2. Let the trail work for you – START SLOW. You gain muscular strength by running on uneven terrain
3.PATIENCE- slow down to run on the trails, thus having more endurance…..let the trail and the conditions set the pace
4.Hilly trail run = squats and lunges
5. Let your strength be that you don’t get distracted or upset in dealing with obstacles on the trails – such as weather conditions, high river crossings, muddy trails etc………..the key to trial running is FLEXIBILITY. Respect the trails, the mountains. Move with them, not against it
6.Build self-confidence by overcoming tough terrain…you’ll run more miles because the lack of pounding on the trails is easier on your body
7. Stay FOCUSED ON EVERY STEP when on the trails. If you look away a rock or root can catch your toe and, down you go!!
8.Run trails to breath fresh air, to explore, for renewal. Reject the pounding of the road, hit the trials – ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER
9. Never aim for the end of the trail.Think and Image only of a perfect running form and breathing – perfect CALM
10.Having a ‘bad patch’ during your run or race? SLOW DOWN THE PACE, adjust your stride and focus on breathing and arm swing – don’t push yourself!!

Recommended reading : The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

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