#18 – When You’re Down and Out – ‘Burnout’

When you’re feeling ‘stale’ and ‘burned out’ you’re either OVER-TRAINED or your MENTAL ATTITUTE needs an overhaul.

Solution:   change your thought patterns

1. achieve ‘internal satisfaction’. Do not struggle constantly for ‘external recognition’

2. never measure your self-worth as a runner solely on the basis of each performance. Affirm to yourself, ” MY WORTH IS FROM BEING ”

3. never focus on perfection – an unrealistic goal. Rather pursue a ‘journey of excellence’ , that is, PROGRESS and BETTERMENT

4. never condemn yourself for failure, setbacks and mistakes. They are all inevitable. They offer good opportunities for LEARNING

5. be in CONTROL, thus taking responsibility for things and circumstances. When things go wrong don’t blame others.Focus ‘internally’ rather than ‘externally’

6. have realistic goals that result in JOY, HAPPINESS, FOCUS and PEACE OF MIND

7. see running as a challenge, an opportunity to grow, not something to conquer


Recommended reading from the trail guy’s library of classics – ‘What’s Your Genius?’ by Jay Niblick



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