#4 – Mental Training

The most important element in your character makeup as a trail runner? – mental toughness, Inner-CALM.

You have a training program for your body. You also need one for your mind. People beat themselves up with destructive, negative self-talk.

Fact:   Do you know who your enemy really is? Your negative, toxic thoughts! (not other runners or other people’s behavior)

Major Goal :  arrive on every run/race thinking and feeling strong mentally and physically

Red Flag Material :      ‘ thoughts are energy ‘ – your thoughts and feelings(emotions) affect every cell in your body

Formula :  right physical effort + right mental energy =  terrific results

So, speaking positive words makes you mentally and physically strong and negative words make you weak.

Things to Do  :   stop feeding yourself negative words and start building yourself up with positive ones……out talk self-doubts and negative thoughts.

Commit to a program of positive self talk – biofeedback. Develop a powerful mind-set


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