” Water “, wrote Henry David Thoreau, ” is the only drink for a wise man. “


Drink the equivalent of 10 to 14 cups of water a day. Water is the most important nutrient for you!

Hydration can adversely affect your athletic performance, mainly by quickening fatigue. As your blood volume decreases, it forces your heart to work harder to circulate nourishment. With less water, less glucose goes to working muscles and less lactic acid is carried away.

About 70% of our body weight is water and our need for water increases greatly with exercise. Athletes lose more contests through not drinking water than any other nutritional cause! To prevent dehydration, adequate fluid intake before, during, and following exercise is critical. Remember, thirst is not the best gauge of your body’s water needs.

How much? When?
2 cups 1 hour before exercising
1 cup 15 minute intervals during run
1 cup 10 minutes after run


  • For a run lasting less than 2 hours, water is the best replacement.
  • For intense running lasting greater than 2 hours, electrolyte capsules or sports drinks are recommended for the working muscles.

Note: Our bodies need water to flush out toxins, and if we don’t drink enough, our kidneys call upon our liver to help out. When that happens, the liver can’t perform any of its tasks effectively, including metabolism of fat and digestive fluids. Water also helps regulate your body temperature.

It’s healthy for you to cut back on your caffeine intake. Too much coffee has been linked to heart disease.

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