Getting and Staying Focused

DSC_1796When you’re out for that walk after breakfast, use the A E I O U checklist below. You don’t walk after breakfast? Hmm… Just 5 minutes makes a huge difference, especially if you’ll be spending most of the day sitting or under a lot of stress. Who doesn’t that apply to these days?

I find a short walk helps me refocus each day on the plan I’m trying to follow. You can pitch your thoughts above the static noise and get some clarity of purpose. Remember your ‘vowels’ so you don’t forget the important stuff…

A = Attitude and it has to be good, positive, excited and focussed. One of the best would have to be “Screw, let’s do it!”, the attitude that allowed Sir Richard Branson to take Virgin Atlantic from a concept to a 747 en route to New York in just 90 days!

E = Energy is essential for life, for sure, but optimal energy comes from getting enough exercise, good nutrition and hydration, and keeping stress in check… every day. I’ll be posting info on nutrition soon, but if you can maintain your energy levels, you’ll be able to stay focussed on your plan. Not enough energy, and you’ll go into survival mode, which means you’ll take care of your basic needs before you look after longer term goals. You need something more than ”just enough” to be able to move ahead with your life!

I = Ideas are the driving force of any plan. You have to spend some regular quality time in the right place (shower, walk, run… whatever works best) to invent, innovate, get inspired. Don’t over-think a good idea. Give it enough thought, then put it into practice. You’ll know if it’s a good one, and if it doesn’t take off then learn from it, adapt it if you can, or drop it and move on to the next good idea.

O= Opportunity is key. Everything else may be in place to change your life, but if you don’t have the time to carry it through, it’s not going to happen. It’s hard, but you need to put other time-hogs aside and make room for your new life-plan. Use a calendar and set aside the hours you need to do what you’ve planned. Make it a priority. It will get easier as you progress towards your goals!

U = It’s all up to YOU! Seriously, no one else is going to do this, and no one can do it as well as you. Confidence is what matters, and it may be all that matters. It’s often very hard to believe in yourself and do it consistently. Make the most of the good days, and never ever make important decisions on the bad days.

Go though this checklist every morning and evening if you can, until it becomes second nature, then keep doing it! Staying on-track is something you have to work at… sadly, it’s not our default state! Constant effort will give you constant results. Good luck !


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