Fuel to Burn the Fires of a Run

Starchy-foods.Does your fuel tank dry up during the race? That is ‘hitting the wall’ and it’s not fun!!!

Running long distances all comes down to fuel efficiency. During endurance events, your body primarily relies on carbohydrates and fats as its primary sources of fuel. Most of your fuel will come from burning a mixture of carbs and fats.

The intensity of your run will control the burn mixture of these two fuels. The harder you run, the greater the proportion of carbs you burn. The slower exercise uses a greater proportion of fats.

Carbs burn much more efficiently than fats. This means your body needs more oxygen to break down each calorie from fat than it would to get a similar calorie from carbs.

Carbs can be stored for future use. Carbs can be eaten in small quantities during exercise. As your carb stores begin to dwindle, your body starts to burn more and more fat. This requires increasingly more oxygen.

Thing to Do :

  • The last 3 days before a long race, pack in the complex carbs and super-charge your glycogen stores in time for the race
  • REST!

To meet your race fuel needs, load up on the run using gels (giving you a quick boost late in the race).

Thing to Do :

  • consume gels with water to assist their digestion

Caffeine in a gel helps release fatty acids that can also be used for fuel.

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