My Great Cross Training Workout!

Go to 1 min 50 and get ready to feel great! A high-intensity and high-energy workout. Fuel for long trail runs. Recommended book to study toward the end of the video.

White River 50 Highlights from July 2013

Okay it’s taken a while, but I’ve just compiled 18 video clips that Mike took from this year’s race. You get a sense of what this race is like and the runners’ amazing achievements.  –  Adri...

Mike interviews Bob Reid

Mike interviews Bob Reid – founder and race director for the Gunnar Shaw Classic 10KM trail race. History of the race…. he asks what does the race mean to Bob and why it is so important?

The 7th Annual Suminski I-CAN Awards – Part 1

“So… did anyone get much running in this year?” Add it all up and you get something like a collective achievement of 2,894 km plus just a bit of elevation change! That would get you from Whistler, BC to...