9 Ultra Marathon Travel Tips

Running an ultra or any other race in unfamiliar territory provides its own particular challenges.

Here’s some tips that ‘ll help you run as well on the trails as if you were running a hometown race! 

  1. If your drive is longer than 1 hour, make frequent stops to stretch your legs
  2. If you’re flying, carry a water bottle and drink often to ward off race-day dehydration
  3. Take a carry-on bag that contains your trail shoes, shorts and singlet, in case your checked luggage disappears!
  4. Pack warmup and running clothing for any weather, especially in the spring and fall when temperatures can vary 60 degrees in 24 hours
  5. If possible, for each time zone you cross, arrive one day before a race
  6. Stay OFF YOUR FEET on the day before the race. Save any sightseeing for after the race
  7. Pack a supply of your favorite snacks and carbohydrate drinks. They might not be available at your destination
  8. Stay out of hotel saunas and hot tubs the night before a race: the heat fatigues and dehydrates
  9. Take your own pillow to ensure a good  night’s sleep. Don’t be embarrassed, many world class athletes do this!!!

 Coach Mike

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